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June BB - Weather Update 4
The Show Must Go On! 6/28/15 6:47 AM

The Sunday games are on. 8:00 AM game starts at 8:00 AM, no start delay.

June BB - Weather Update 3
6/27/15 9:24 PM

At this point, we are not cancelling or revising any Sunday games. We will need to wait and see what happens this evening and we will make the necessary decisions tomorrow morning, as early as we can. We will send out notification by email, text and on the CESC website. Let's hope for no rain.

June BB - Weather Update 2
Field Layout has changed, schedule is being worked on, 6/26/15 4:38 PM

Due the rain that fell Thursday night, we have large area of flooding and puddles. We have reduced the number of fields from 100 to 50. In order to do this we have shortened all game times from 3-12 minute periods to 2-10 minute halves. Games will go off every half hour instead of every hour. While the game times have been reduced, this will allow us to still play all scheduled games in their entirety. The 2015 June field map has been revised and can be found on the link on the left.

The schedule is not yet complete. The easiest way for me to revise the schedule is to use the live one online. This may prove confusing if you are looking at the schedule while it is being worked on. I will post again when the schedule has been finalized.

Especially for your first game, I recomend you arrive a little early so you have time to locate your field.

June BB - Weather Update 1?
The Tournament is ON! 6/25/15 5:44 PM

1. I just sent a "test" text message via gotsoccer to all Contacts, Managers and Coaches. If you and your team management want to receive texts of any updates, make sure your got soccer account information is updated. Updating your gotsoccer account is not something I can help you with.

2. Just as many of you have, we too have been monitoring the weather for this weekend. Morey's Piers subscribes to a pretty comprehensive weather service and when they asked the meteorologist specifically about Wildwood (take this with a grain of salt - he's just a weather man), we have three general time periods of concern. There will be a chance of probably hit or miss type isolated thunderstorms Friday afternoon and Friday evening. While Saturday morning may start out dry, rain and a couple thunderstorms may work into the area during the day. The most concentrated period of precipitation may be late Saturday evening into Sunday morning.

You guys remember the big storm that blew through on Tuesday night? There is still some puddling on the north side as of Thursday at lunch time but if it weren't calling for rain as described above, I am confident those puddles would be 100% gone and we wouldn't be missing a beat. However, given that the beach is just drying out, any additional rain that will fall over the next couple of days may quickly result in puddles and/or flooding.

At this point, we are not making any adjustments to the tournament, the tournament will proceed. Depending on Friday actual precipitation, it is our hope that the only step we may need to take is to relocate some fields from low to high areas which will cause some confusion but the show will go on. If we do move fields, we will post any revised field maps to the website and they will also be available at the main tents on both the north and south sides.

Regarding Saturday during the day, we will be playing if it rains and obviously taking a break in the event of thunder and/or lightning. Hopefully any field moves we make will get us through any precipitation that falls on Saturday.

We will need to see what happens Saturday evening or let the forecast develop before we can make any meaningful plans or decisions regarding Sunday.

3. As and if we need to make decisions that affect the tournament, we will be trying to accomplish the following in order of priority: A. Try to make sure everyone gets to play some beach soccer, B. Maintain the integrity of the competition leading to awards. To that end, we may implement any and/or all of the following, relocate fields, delay game start times, shorten game duration, eliminate games. We will not be thinking about or addressing refunds or answering questions about anything monetary during the course of the weekend, we will be concentrating our efforts on getting you guys playing beach soccer. Depending on what actually happens, we will address these types of issues post event.

4. Morey's Piers will be open as weather permits. Keep in mind that while we may have puddle or flooding issues that may affect the tournament, if the weather allows, the rides and waterparks are still open.

5. We cannot just pick up and move the event to higher ground. We are going to need to do the best we can do with the beach we have and what Mother Nature gives us. Your understanding of this point is greatly appreciated.

6. Unfortunately, other than letting you know now that event is not being cancelled, I cannot give you a firm timeline on what and when additional decisions will be made. The weather here on the Cape can be much different from what is happening in Vineland or even Atlantic City, the ocean on one side and bay on the other many times seems to work out for us, not always but many times for the better. Updates will be sent out through gotsoccer by email and/or text, they may be posted to the CESC website and the main tents should also have an understanding of where things stand.

We appreciate your understanding and willingness to work with us this weekend. Let's hope for a great weekend and good luck.

June Beach Blast and MORE Beach in July are both Full
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Beach Blast and MORE Beach Blast 5v5 Sand Soccer Tournament
Event Information
You are invited to the 13th Annual Cape Express Beach Blast, a Beach Soccer Tournament hosted by the Cape Express Soccer Club with Divisions for boys and girls U-8 to U-18; mens, womens and co-ed open; and over 30 men. This year the event will take place on June 27 & 28, 2015 on the clean and expansive beaches of Wildwood, NJ with soccer, beach and waterparks during the day and Wildwood’s famous Boardwalk and Amusements at night.

You are also invited to the 7th Annual MORE Beach Blast, a second weekend added due to the popularity of the Beach Blast event. This second, seperate tournament will take place on July 11 & 12, 2015 at the same location with soccer, beach, waterparks, the Boardwalk and Amusements all still included in the fun.

Accepted youth teams, U8 to U18 to both these great Summer beach events will receive 10 wristbands for entry to Morey’s Piers Amusement Rides, Ocean Oasis and Raging Waters beachfront waterparks. Discounted entry to the Amusement Rides and both waterparks is also available for the families of accepted teams. These can be purchased directly from Morey’s Piers online, all accepted teams will receive a link to their online tournament store.

Games are 5 v 5, 4 plus keeper, maximum 10 players per team. Each game consists of 3 -12 minute periods, games start on the hour. Substitutions will occur on the fly. Fields are 30 yards by 40 yards.
Nylon webbing staked at the 4 corners and flags will delineate the fields. Each team will play 3 games (weather and other unforseen conditions permitting) with a 4th possible for those advancing to the finals.

Players must play in their barefeet - socks, tape and ankle braces are allowed but there can be no hard reinforcements in the ankle brace. Sports knee braces with metal support are fine.

Morey’s Piers on Wildwood’s famous Boardwalk offers 3 action-packed amusement piers, with 6 world-class roller coasters AND 2 beachfront waterparks, Ocean Oasis and Raging Waters. Exclusive rates are available only to the families of tournament players. Make sure you read the Things YOU, YES YOU need to know ... link.


Enjoy a delicious catered meal served at Morey’s Piers Beachfront Pavilion (a short walk from the soccer fields), on Saturday evenings after the games from 5 pm – 7 pm. Includes grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, taco bar, baked beans, potato salad, coca cola,  iced tea and lemonade, plus novelty ice cream bars for dessert.  Tickets must be purchased in advance through the Morey’s Piers online store.

For Tournament questions email

For general information about Morey’s Piers, visit or call 609-522-3900 ext 1195.

To be placed on the email notify list, use the link on the left.


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